Fredericks Fabrication

Fredericks Fabrications is a family owned steel construction business that started operation in 1997. Director Brenden Fredericks has had over 25 years experience in the steel fabrication & construction industry.

Fredericks Fabrications specialises in large scale projects and also some bespoke Fabrication work – whether it be in the workshop or on site. We have Carpenters, Crane Drivers, Riggers, Dogmen, Trade Assistants & Labourers available to ensure a complete one stop solution to your next project.

Our employees are some of the most experienced tradesman in their field, we constantly run continuous improvement training to ensure all of our trades and services are up to date and using the latest technology and equipment.

Together we are focused on delivering and maintaining a professional approach to the task at hand, attention to detail and ensuring we provide the utmost of quality within the timeframes provided.


Our safety methods are a big priority, we have a OH&S representative keeping ahead of the field by continuously analysing if there is a safer way to complete a task.

JSEA’s, WMS, MSD’s & Toolbox Meetings are always implemented and we encourage group participation in our company safety plan.

Equipment List

Shindaiwa Welder Arc 300 Amp x 4
Shindaiwa Welder Arc Dual 500 Amp x 4
Lincoln Diesel 400 AMP welder x 1
Wirefeeder suitcase for wire feed welding x 13
Welder Arc gasless caddy x 25
Rotabroach x 20
Mig welding machines x 10
Oxy and Acetylene kits x 25
Grinders x 50
Die Grinders x 25
Arc Air gouging equipment sets x 5
Nelweld 6000 dual stud welder
400KVA generator
Fleet of 10 commercial vehicles including 3 trucks and 7 utes all fully equipped to complete any project requirements


Our fabrication division has always focussed not only on smooth planning and processes but in continued improvement. When you engage us into your project we bring a wealth of experience as well as skill.

We have internal processes that ensure our jobs are completed within the timeframe specified and can advise on ways to increase production requirements and how to streamline your project for the best result all round.